Fellow tries to stop train from plowing into a limousine


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That’s a really sturdy limo.


Far sturdier than a school bus… https://www.ntsb.gov/investigations/AccidentReports/Reports/HAR0103.pdf


I think it looked better after the train hit it.


“I learned so much today.”


But the hankie should have worked!


I saw a Datsun B210 get hit by a freight train once, with the train doing ~ 20 mph (it was all full breaking for half a mile) The car just had its front right wheel hooked over the track, so the hit was oblique, but it sent the thing about 60-70’ down, 10’ high and 15’ out. Incredibly the woman in the car was largely unhurt.


The impact undoubtedly left the limo passenger covered in Grey Poupon.


Needs more petticoats. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3zO0zm5FTU


Incredibly traumatic for the driver. He doesn’t know the limo is empty.


Yeah, surprisingly little damage, all things considered.


sure if you were about 2 more miles up the track. it takes a long time to stop a big long freight train travelling at speed.


I wouldn’t open the champagne bottles though.


How to get rid of an unwanted stretch limousine.


Worst. Senior prom. Ever.


Are you kidding? I WISH my prom experience had involved a train.

Wait, that came out wrong.


I’ve had dates like that…


I wish the videographer did a lengthwise shot to show if it was bent.

Did this video make you grin?


I feel like it wouldn’t be that hard to implement an obstacle detection system (paired with live video for verification) at train crossings that could give oncoming trains enough warning but I guess if they’re groaning about the cost of automatic speed limiters then I suppose something like that would be impossible.


About the best use for a stretch limo I have seen.