Female adolescent macaques practice sex by mounting male deer

Wait - for all the focus on sex, this article is kind of mind blowing just for the fact that apparently macaques routinely ride deer

“locomotion” as in a macaque wants to get from point A to point B so it just cowboys up and rides a deer to its destination

that’s awesome

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Hopefully, no one is tired yet of my reminisces of old (and always questionable) jokes brought on by suggestive BB posts. (I blame BB.):

Two mice observe a female elephant. Looking up at said elephant, the first mouse says to the other, “I’ll bet I can mount her and really give it to her!”, to which the other mouse says, “Bet’s on.” The first mouse then climbs up the elephant and proceeds to go to town. After a while, a bee that happened to be buzzing about stung the elephant, with that eliciting a loud, pained roar from her. The first mouse then looks up and says, “Pretty good… huh?!”

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Could human horse riding also have been started like this? After they were asked, the women said, no, we are just using them for transportation, and so the men started riding them too.

PS: Roy Moore does not approve of the preferences of the older male macaques.

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