Female monkey makes history as first ever Ladyboss of a troop of 700 macaques

Normally aggressive male adolescent baboons leave their native troop and slowly work into a new one; Forest Troop had somehow managed to assimilate these surly newcomers without losing its peaceful culture.

Sapolsky and Share are still unsure how the culture is being passed on, but they suspect that it has to do with the observed friendly attitude of the female baboons towards newcomer males. "Sapolsky’s research seems to show that the female baboons have ‘seen the light,’ " and realized that life is better with peaceful males, says Frans de Waal, a primatologist at Emory University in Atlanta.


Oof. My initial reaction is disgust that even the monkeys are expecting the ladies to fix societal ills by retraining toxic males. My second reaction is also disgust that the male baboons appear to be more open to retraining than their human counterparts.


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