Feminism raps served by Qveen Herby

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My perspective was limited to what was shown on MTV in the 90s, but far and away the weirdest, most innovative hip-hop at that level was dominated by women (and Busta). Just as I was finding acts that I liked, popular rap descended into Playmobil gangsta parody and I totally lost interest until the Roots and the Atlanta crews started taking off. Should have just bought a Missy Elliot record and ridden with it.


Uh, have we already forgotten about RAZZLEKHAN, The Crocodile of Wall Street? :rofl:


Not the adjective I would have chosen.

Misogyny permeates every aspect of our society; including music and entertainment.


Too true.


My significant other is black and we were talking about this a few months ago. Ladies in rap/hip-hop also get reduced to being eye candy, more so these days. It feels like a requirement for them to be hyper sexualized in order to be relevant and marketable, at least most of the ones i can think of are impossibly good looking which more power to them but i struggle to think of normal relatable female rappers.

I’m happy to have more variety by having female voices but there has to be more than sex and eye candy. It’s not like male rappers are expected to look like Chippendale dancers, though can’t say that i would mind.


As much as I like her Qveen Herby persona, I’ll always have a soft spot for Karmin.

Bring back Karmin!

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Oh, it’s not just rap. When an industry is full of folks with sexist views in positions of power who have control over artists, that’s reflected in the marketing and hiring/contract decisions.

This makes great points about the eye candy problem, the impact on new artists (as well as fans), and what’s changed from back in the day:


I feel that pop stars have a little bit more leeway, but it is true that broadly speaking ladies are expected to look sexy. Which if that’s achievable for them and something they want i’m not going to shade them for it, but i really would love to see more normal, regular looking women in music.

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I’ll just drop this here

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RIP Betty

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