Fenwick Bike Sticks attractively get your bike off the ground and out of your way

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What’s wrong with these instructions?

  1. To install, drill a 5/16" pilot hole into wall
  2. Hand turn your Fenwick Bike Stick into the wall
  3. Mount into a wood wall stud

Looks like they installed these wider than the 18 inch stud spacing, and choose a bike where the cable hangers are perfectly positioned for damage. Not confidence inspiring in a product whose properly installed strength is marginal at best.


$50 for two dowels with a double-threaded furniture screw in it? Damn. I wish I’d thought of this.


When I lived in a cheap one-room apartment, my bike occupied the bathtub when no human(s) needed cleaning. I wasn’t even a dirty hippie then.

An option: raise the bed frame high enough to store the bike(s) underneath. Another option: a folding bike. Some models can be stashed in a suitcase.


Fenwicks are ok, but for $75 you can get the Supercrisp Bike Rods that are way better.


Those are fine if you don’t care about resonance or anything. Are those rods even matched?


There are any number of cheaper alternatives, including vinyl-covered bicycle hooks that can be screwed into any 2x4, or complicated pulleys that will haul it up into your rafters and out of the way. I used a closet support that was meant to hold a shelf on the top and a pole for hangers underneath. The spacing was exactly right to accommodate the handlebars without scuffing the wall.


I just drove some old bits of copper pipe into the walls with a hammer.
I did it between the studs so it went through both pieces of sheetrock, making it real solid.

My neighbor in the apartment next door loved the addition to his decor, and now he hangs his AK-47 and ammo belt on 'em.




Hooks are better if you don’t want your bike slipping off of there some time.


another “these are a stupid ripoff” poster here.
I’ve seen pics of a really nice-looking, bike themed DIY bike hanger. if you have an old drop bar in your parts bin, determine some way of securing it to a wall stud and mount it ends-up, it makes a neat bike hook. helps to add an old quill stem to the mix. then you can wrap the bars to protect the bike and simultaneously match your decor.

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Do not make these at home for a few bucks, Fenwick’s lawyers are extremely aggressive and they will find out!


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