Why the Sheffield stand is the best bike rack

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Sheffield stands may very well be on my top ten list of things I miss from living in London.

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Hard to argue - I hate every variety of the wheel-bender in particular. As though a single connection point six inches off the ground will deal with a centre of gravity looking down on it.

We have two-tiered racks at work with single anchor points - on the rear of the back wheel for the elevated ones. Watching bikes flex as they’re being hoisted is a big advert for simplicity.


Never use a Sheffield stand that has gaffer tape on it


Dear God do I hate these ones with a fucking passion. They can’t have had any cyclist input or user testing done on them at all.


Tempted to put some gaffer tape on my favoured bikestand at work to see if that means I’ll be able to use it more often.


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I don’t know? Aren’t the ones that are shaped like Keys safe? We have some in Boston.

or sticker-bombed all the way around, which is really commonly done by non-thieves, also. which means you may not have a choice. I’m in the habit now of grabbing and shaking the rack before I lock up. doubly good since a lot of times the installers don’t bolt them down correctly.


The completely round ones suck, too. There’s only one place where everything lines up, you have no control over where you position the bike. You’d think that a full circle would allow infinite points of contact, but no, just one.


Years ago, I parked my bike a stand like this and lost it. It sucked, but I’m much more careful now. There are lots of rules of thumb to use when choosing where to park your bike:

  1. Brightly lit areas
  2. Close to foot traffic
  3. Check the stability of the rack and look for any loose bolts or any way the rack can come loose
  4. When possible, park inside in a secure area

I’m sure there are more things to think of, but this is generally what I use.

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