What the hell am I gonna do with this oregano gouda sour dough!?

My life is so hard!!


That was a hella good loaf. It had a four day cold ferment which was perfect.

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So lets say a person wanted to make Balsamic vinegar. Given that it takes a couple years to make… How much should I start out with?

I go through a 16 oz bottle every four months, so on a two year cycle say two gallons?

Look at that crumb! Send it here, if you don’t want it…I can’t do much in the way of baking right now anyway.

For many, not wanting to be party to the killing of animals is the point, not whether or not a molecule of animal DNA enters one’s alimentary canal.

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I know, right!? If I can ever refine my shaping technique ima gonna open a bakery :smile:

I was writing a reply which I canceled several times. I am sure we both know all the arguments (I was veg for eight years) so the only thing I will rehash is the cold hash in my fridge >:)


Okay, so I have a plan regarding balsamic.

Authentic balsamic is aged for 12 years. I don’t know if I’ll be alive in 12 years. So I am going to accelerate the process. And cheat.

Commercial wine kits are wine juice that is usually double strength sugar wise, so you dilute it 100%. Musto, what you make balsamic from is wine juice that has been reduced to double strength. I.e. sugar wise they are the same.

Musto is aged in oak barrels so it can oxidize, evaporate, and leech tanins. I shall use a non porous three gallon fermenter with an air stone, air pump, and no air lock.

Instead of oak barrels I shall use toasted oak sawn from wine barrels, added directly to the musto.

To further concentrate the musto for a year, I shall have a vent fan, similar to a computer case fan, pulling air and evaporation from the musto.

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Dark rye (but not pumpernickel dark).

Bit lopsided, shaping is still my weakest link.


Dill? On rye? I say good day to you sir, good day!

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I’m watching a Transformers movie while I donate blood plasma. Pretty sure my brain is decomposing. Does that count as a fermentation recipe?


Yeah, didn’t really work out. It’s okay at best, though structurally the crumb is great.

Really it is Go Caraway or Go Home. And it only fermented three hours, which for rye just. Isn’t. Long. Enough.

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So I’m buying cabbage later to start my first batch of sauerkraut (in my little pickling/fermenting jar). Is the preparation really as easy as “massage the salt into the chopped cabbage”? Should I just keep it simple for my first batch, or can I add a clove or two of garlic? Any tried-and-true tips for beginners?

Are the skewers to transmit heat through the loaf? Cunning. No fancypants port or fermented lemons in my house, but I’ma make me some damn beer next weekend. I can’t afford to pay for it any more, so out come the barrels. Having a tap that beer comes out of in your own kitchen is as consistently satisfying as having a fast car. Put car in second, boot it, hit sixty: WOOOOOO!!! Turn tap, fill pint glass with beer: WHEYAYE BONNY LAD! Know a good non toxic botrytis stopper, BTW?


I’d fancy some pants! Almost…

Add garlic. add garlic. And it really is that simple. I sometimes cheat and add a tablespoon of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar or kombucha, but that is about it. Keep it in a warm dark place, and press plastic on the top–you don’t need to, but cabbage that is left open to air turns kinda grey.


Ah, the skewers were to help vent moisture! So the bottom would stay crisp. I couldn’t find my rack :smile:

And post your beer recipes. Quite a few brewers here and not as… Judgemental (cough bjcp) as other places. I currently just have a port and several vinegars fermenting, but I need to get an imperial stout going STAT for Christmas.

Indeed! Here’s a hug for making such awesome bread!

Also… this is from like a million years ago. Still…


Lookit, lookit!

A head of cabbage, two cloves of garlic, and sea salt. This is gonna be the longest 5 days ever. :wink:


What…no caraway seed?

(running away quickly)


You know complainers don’t get to share, right? :wink: Maybe you can add caraway to your first batch!