Fermenting part 2

To further explore the topic of fermented things, as presented in this earlier thread:

What are your favorite foods to ferment?
What are your go-to recipes/instructions?
What sort of equipment do you use?
Have you tried the latest newfangled airlocks?
What works best?


Turns out my favorite food to ferment is cabbage. This morning I put together a batch of sauerkraut, and I think I’ve put together a decent flavor profile for it.

This is my 31st batch of fermented stuff.
Chopped green cabbage, garlic, mustard seeds and dill seeds.

I salted the cabbage and garlic cloves, covered it with a weighted-down plate and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then I massaged it for 10 and added the seeds.

After I packed it in the jar, I topped it with onion slices, 2 pickle pebbles, and the brine from batch #30. That was a tasty batch, so I wanted to pass the flavor on to #31.

I use a standard airlock. The jar’s lid has a silicone grommet, which I prefer to the black rubber one I had previously.

I keep notes for each batch, so I know what works and what doesn’t.


Awesome pics and info, thanks for posting it!

I think home fermentation must have become uncommon in the USA shortly before I was born, right after WWII I’d guess. The generation before mine still knew how to do it, and had dusty old stoneware crocks they’d inherited and never used, but they taught us to buy pickles and kraut at the supermarket. I remember my grandparents’ home fermented foods very fondly.


Where have all the makers gone?

Gone to smartphones, every one.


Oh, when will they ever learn?


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