Fermentation air locks for wide mouth jars


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Much more elegant than my DIY version. But…

…no kimchi tag?


My DIY version was a paper towel and I got like 4 great batches before the 5th went wildly, wildly wrong.


You ended up in deep kimchi?


yes but was it the “good sorta wrong” or the “call a hazmat team and burn the place down sorta wrong”


“I constantly knock the tall bubble chambers off the bungs in my jar’s lid.”

Gotta be careful with the bung hole. Treat it right.


https://www.amazon.com/Pickle-Pipe-One-Piece-Waterless-Fermentation/dp/B01726CJ9Y are dishwasher safe, cheaper, easier to store, and work like a charm. Highly recommend.


I’ve also been using the Pickle Pipes with my ferments, and they’ve worked like a charm. :slight_smile:


Just be grateful that it wasn’t Satan’s Kimchi being brewed…


Mom always said “Don’t play ball in the house.”


Ordered a set


Upvote for gratuitous Brian, the exception that proves the rule “Blessed are the meek”.


Let us know how they compare! I like the extractor (and the low profile) of the set you originally posted, but I also like the one-piece nature of the Pickle Pipes.


I would like to second that desire for comparison! Many of your posts, and the inspiration of some people here in the BBS, are what pushed me into the fermentation world in the first place.


These are really nice and include a spring-loaded plunger, but they cost significantly more: http://www.krautsource.com/new-products/kraut-source



ooo thanks. those look awesome


Wow, you even kept the BB affiliate link! Good citizen.

Is the pump necessary in the original version? I always thought that the escaping CO2 pushed all the air out, just like in home brewing.


I wish I could take credit, but it seems the affiliate link is a bit of bb magic. which I’m happy for.


Damn! I have four other types fermentation locks already.
Oh, well. Make it five.
I need to get out of the house more.