Ferrets enjoy dip in a peanut pool

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The amount of static experienced by those ferrets must be incredible.


Awwwwww!!! This makes me miss my ferret babies. They’re so full of energy. :smile:


That’s too many ferrets for one person to own. I bet that house smells like wet hot ass.


Back when I was a kid we had snow.


I feel like I need to go view something terrible so I can use that as a chaser.


Would these work as a replacement filler for a ball pit?

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I’d be inclined to doubt it. Plastic foams are reasonably crush-resistant in bulk; but the ones used in packing peanuts are pretty weak, and tend to suffer puncture/deflation of some percentage of their little air pockets, from which they do not recover, under fairly modest pressure. They also tear into smaller pieces fairly easily.

In the short term the experience would likely be somewhat similar, possibly even better; but the material would degrade into a soup of plastic fuzz pretty quickly under use. The ball-pit balls, by contrast, are actually pretty tough; and those that do fail typically remain in a deflated single piece and can be picked out or allowed to sink to the bottom.

Packing foams are a bit overqualified for single use as packaging; but are a bit on the sacrificial side.


French dip in peanut sauce what?

Probably smells like a French whorehouse downwind from a feed lot.


I’m not sure that’s how it’s supposed to work, but I still respect your forethought.

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From the Jōvan website: “…a blend of exotic spices and woods meets with the seductive power of musk.”

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t most packing materials of this type now corn starch based, for environmental reasons?

A lot of the ones I’ve had in deliveries over the last few years are more like tasteless Wotsits

Here, I fixed that for you: http://www.youdubber.com/index.php?video=bkeVjkUKwF4&video_start=0&audio=LE0q5cSmhaM&audio_start=10

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Well that is neat! I didn’t know about that particular site!

Why has nobody done a Peacock Spider/Bad Touch remix yet?

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I don’t know what the ratio is, I still see both types in my definitely-anecdote-sized-experience; but the starch-based ones have definitely become more common. Those tend to be even more vulnerable to degradation(they squeeze more easily, and excessive humidity can make them sort of clammy); but that’s a virtue in their case. Even less likely to be a good replacement for ball-pit applications; but at least you aren’t stuck with them for very long after use.


Needs a soundtrack of someone yelling “Bazinga!”

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When my sister owned a ferret, that dance was always followed immediately by the little beast attaching itself to my ankle and trying to climb up the inside of my trousers.


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