BB-8 dog toy from Petco

So back when Force Awakens came out I ran across these:

My mom’s dog goes crazy for the damn things. All his favorite things in one toy. It is essentially a large stiff, hollow ball. All of which is a squeaker. That’s wrapped in a very thin layer of stuffing. All contained in a skin of reasonably stiff “canvas”. He loves the damn thing. Runs around squeaking it at people, hides it from other dogs, sleeps with it.

Problem is in about two months he manages to wear it enough to get a good hold on a seam. Then he gets over stimulated and murders it. He just killed his 2nd one. And I’ll be trying to pick up a new one tomorrow, but I don’t know how much longer they’ll still exist. Petco’s website is discounting them and the stores haven’t been carrying as many as when they were first released.

Does anyone know of a toy that’s essentially the same? Large canvas plush squeak ball? But perhaps more durable? The canvas here seems more like dense ballistic nylon than actual canvas (or better that firehouse stuff). Otherwise I might have to order a case of the damn things.


You could see about a local seamstress also try some Courdura/Ballistic Nylon which is what the good non leather motorcycle gear is made from and it will keep the road rash away at anything less than track speeds.

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Ordering a custom dog toy seems a bit much. And I’d still have to dissect a bb-8 for the squeaker. I just need to keep him from extracting the map from Luke Skywalker quite so quickly.


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