Starmark's 'Everlasting Groovy Ball,' a long lasting dog chew




Lasted 5 minutes for my lab. Only Jolly balls and Hyperpet frisbees have passed the Lab test.


Wait--a hardware system (doggy treat container) that only uses proprietary software (Everlasting doggy treats)? DRM has gone to the dogs! wink


Same here; our corgi pup ripped through the part that holds the treat in place, and had the entire treat in his mouth in sixty seconds. He'd completely obliterated all protruding edges in five minutes. (Thankfully he doesn't swallow non-edible parts of his toys, he just likes destroying them.) This was the least effective and most easily destroyed toy we've ever purchased. A hollow bone and peanut butter proved far more effective and longer lasting, to say nothing of a Kong (the only two things he hasn't destroyed).


I gave something like this (not sure if it was the same brand) to my Jack Russell terrier. Within a matter of minutes he had popped the treat out and eaten it up, making it, per-minute, the most expensive toy/treat he's ever been given.


My dogs love the tall yogurt containers. The little ones (Jack Russel - Shih-Tzus) get the easy to reach yogurt and chew on the lip of the container. Then Argus, our Great Pyrenees, will take the container and clean out the bottom of it. Then he runs around the yard with the container over his muzzle, happy as can be. Once his upper teeth punctured the plastic and he ended up wearing it around the house for a bit until he came to have me remove it smile


Sounds like my home.


It's nice to own a dog with self-cleaning fur smile Especially when they like to walk in mud!


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