Seriously long lasting doggie chew toy


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My golden doodles love these, but please watch older dogs with them…my 10 year old dog cracked his large rear tooth on one of these. These are great for getting the chewing out of your dog’s system when they are young, but could be tough on teeth as they age. I stick with Kongs for my older dog. Add treats and peanut butter, freeze and he can chew for a few hours without fear of hurting himself.


Why does everything I see online today look like a sex toy?

I… I probably don’t want to know the answer to that.



Why does everything I see online today look like a sex toy?


It depends on what day it is.
Isn’t that the same for everyone?


Are there sex toys for dogs?


Why when they can just do this?


The nylon part is pretty tough, just like other nyla-bones. However, the rubber bit in the middle didn’t last very long for us. Our Lab/Dane cross can destroy that part in about an hour. We got him a garden tractor tire that he loves and hasn’t been able to destroy, yet.


we have a nylabone toy that’s a bit smaller than this - it’s two pieces of rope with a hard nubbly nylon connector.

our puppy managed to gnaw deep enough grooves in the plastic that the ridges were kind of sharp. But that was some pretty dedicated puppy chewing


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