Nearly impossible to destroy large dog chew toy

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Someone is for sure going to post a link to the “Dog Toy or Sex Toy” quiz here, right?



Oh thank god. It wasn’t just me that thought it was very dick-like.


these things sprout some very sharp cactus-like needles on them after a bit. can really damage your dog’s gums if they on the dumb side and don’t stop chewing.

the easy fix is to simply grind 'em down on a sidewalk.


We’re starting to pile up these…
Tuffy Toys
… they seem pretty durable.

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I’m sure the manufacturer appreciates BoingBoing giving them the, uh, plug.


Our 80-pound rescue dog is part-beaver and part-shopvac. He demolished a Kong Extreme (the black, hardest type).* We will check out this magical chew toy of which you speak.

Dogs who chew.
Such a challenge…

Oh man, I may have been using that Kong wrong. I just use peanut butter.


My Boston Terriers have eaten a couple of these things. But, it is one of the better ones for aggressive chewers.

Take a Kong, and stick a nylabone inside of it. This is a good puzzler for a bored dog as well.

Previous dogs my family had were not aggressive chewers, sounds like it could be an expensive “hobby” to keep up for the dog. I kind of wonder if there’s any other way to redirect that kind of behavior for a dog that loves to chew but then again i’ve never had to.

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We’ve got a young lab that’s a nut about chewing, and these nylabone type toys are the only thing that she can’t readily destroy.

One concern though: Depending on the type of chewing your dog does, this may or may not be appropriate. I can’t even remember the number of dogs with slab fractured maxillary 4th premolars that I’ve had to extract due to these things, or those chew hooves, or antlers, etc…

So folks, my recommendation: At your dog’s next physical, when your vet is looking in your dog’s mouth, ask him or her what they recommend based on knowing your dog, and an assessment of it’s teeth. There are unfortunately too many things sold at pet stores that simply aren’t good, and some that just aren’t safe at all.

(this nylabone dild…“chew toy” can be safe though depending on your dog’s teeth and chewing patterns)


Be sure to clean your nylon bones from time to time. Those teeth marks can host some pretty nasty stuff. Pop em in the dishwasher and run them through on the hot cycle with no detergent.

My girlfriend had a little 30 pound lab/terrier/??? mix that would go through any chew in a day. We gave her a rawhide bone that was almost 2" diameter on the shank, and it was demolished in no time. At least the dog quit chewing the furniture by the time we got married.

I have had to balance between a cavalier who breaks her teeth on hard things and a pyr who needs to chew pyr sized stuff.

Ugh, that’s rough. I’ve got no solution except perhaps to use pyr sized toys that the cav can’t fit in her mouth. That doesn’t solve the pyr destroying the cav toys issue though…

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