Hol-ee Roller - dogproof chew toy


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I am having trouble reconciling “dogproof” and “chew toy” used to describe the same object :wink:

i don’t know what breed(s) the author owns, but i can guarantee this is not dog proof. my dobe went through one in minutes when the person watching her was indisposed for a few minutes.

this, like nearly everything else, should be a supervision-only toy for heavy chewers.


I am having a hard time seeing a dog toy as a “cool tool.”

I had no idea this was a dog toy. Some friends of mine had one that their kid used as a teether- they called it a ‘buckyball’. It’s possible to turn it inside out if you have nimble fingers.

The Indestructi-Ball comes a bit closer to being “dog proof”, but I have seen what an enthusiastic German shepherd pup could do to one of these between ages of about 9 months and 2 years.

so far, the only ball i have seen that is mostly dog-proof (and i say mostly, because ANY enthusiastic chewer can destroy any ball) is the Jolly Ball

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It was given to you “in January” and you’re already declaring it “dog-proof”? Okay…

It’s on Amazon and has an affiliate link - that makes it eligible for “cool-tools”. :wink:

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We have a couple of these for our pit, and they are very durable play toys, but I wouldn’t let him chew them, I don’t consider them chew toys and don’t think they would last like that.

We play fetch, and he also likes to tug them, and they have held up better than other balls, but they do have some holes and partial tears through the solid areas, which I can only imagine would be complete in just a few moments if I let him really work on it. They do bounce in some crazy ways that he loves!

Really, the only things we allow him to have as a chew toy are antlers. Everything else is interactive and supervised. I think people aren’t careful enough in drawing that line with the more beastly chewers out there.

The trick is to force a large dog biscuit into the interior :slight_smile:

Does it have a squeak?

Because one of my border collies will work tirelessly until she gets the squeak out.

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there’s nowhere for a squeaker to go.

“Cool Tools” is BB-Speak for “Advertisement”.

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January 2012. BB evidently subscribes to Cooltools Classic.

I wonder what McDonalds fries contained back then?

I don’t know if mine is by the same manufacture (ours is red) but this is the only toy my dog hasn’t destroyed. Ours is going on 7 years where most of our “chew proof” toys last hours - weeks if we are lucky.

Paxil is a border collie too, and will work hours to get at a squeeky out.

Our Pyrenees has a kitten to chew on. It chews back, giving the interactivity a Pyr really needs. :stuck_out_tongue:

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