KONG Extreme dog toy


We just got a KONG genius toy (this one, and we got the big one to hold more food) for our border collie mix and it’s amazing. We already had one of the simple KONGs like the one mentioned in this post but we found it was too easy for our dog to get too many treats at the beginning and too hard at the end so she would give up. The genius toy consistently gives her small amounts of kibble for a moderate amount of work, keeping her interested but not going too fast. We’re now feeding her most of her meals out of it and it’s keeping her active for at least an hour a day.

We have/had one of the kong genius toys for our English Bull Terrier. They really are superior to the regular kong toys, but the protrusions make them somewhat prone to being torn apart by a dog with strong muscles/jaws (see English Bull terrier above)

Curious If this kong was a buttplug what politician would it represent with according to it’s repeating rounded shapes


Those names. Someone should build a quiz page - “Sex Toy or Pet Toy?”


My rottweiler didn’t take long to rip his apart.

My dog isn’t much of a chewer. It can taker her a week to consume a rawhide.

She likes her Kong OK. What really gets her blood boiling is the sight of her fake rubber tire, which I fill with treats and then thread and knot a fleece blanket through. She has to untie the knot, then throw the tire around until the goodies fall out.

I initially read the headline as KORG. While I’m curious how they’d package a synthesizer in a dog toy, I’m not sure I want to listen to Rover make beeps and boops all day.


All of my labs have loved these.

under any other brand, these would be sex toys.


We have had a few of these (none destroyed, but some lost of hidden) and they work well. But after we gave our doggie stuffing-free plush toys it was impossible to even interest her. Yes, she destroys the plushies in days-not-weeks. And yes we have disgusting chewed pieces of plush. But she enjoys them even more so it’s tolerated :smile:

(we love our animals :D)


There used to be an online quiz called “Marital Aid Or Dog Toy?” that was exactly that. Seems the owners have let the domain lapse, unfortunately. I’m sure there have been lots of both kinds of toys invented in the last decade, though, so the idea should be revived. I’m just glad I’m a cat person.

Got one of these, Kong brand, for my insane gigantic Bengal cat and he chewed it into two parts in three days.

My girlfriend had a pit bull. I said, “Kong! He can’t destroy that!” and he destroyed several. We found that PVC pipe was the affordable chew toy for him.

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I do! Now you’ve got my mind turning to some doggy-chew MIDI device.

My dog has one of those. She promptly chewed the neck off it. But she hasn’t managed to hurt what’s left if it.

She’s got a few other heavy rubber toys, but it’s always a gamble whether she’ll be able to destroy one. I’ve scooped up enough toy-encrusted poop to be very choosy about what she gets. For the most part, I’ve found that hard toys, like nylabone stuff works best. Oh, and for what it’s worth, she’s a fairly scrawny mutt of 35 pounds or so.

I have used Kong toy for my Akita who tears almost any other “INDESTRUCTABLE” toy apart in minutes. The Kong works great but for even better for long lasting enjoyment I fill it with yogurt mixed with cheese and cover the ends and freeze it ( ground meat also works). Lasts for hours as he tries to lick all the frozen treat out.

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Our dog would go berserk with happiness whenever we’d toss his Kong toy. I never considered stuffing it with food, but some time after he was gone I saw someone had threaded a very thick rope through their dog’s Kong toy and that seemed like a very good idea. Only long enough to thread through with a handhold extra and a big knot on both ends to make it easier to toss without getting slimed quite so much.

Our big Aussie would crush the Kong to break down the cookies inside, then roll it around so they fell out. Word to the wise: using peanut butter will eventually rot the Kong, turning it into a gooey black mess.

My cockatoos love Kong toys. Nothing else lasts as long and hold their interest as well.

When they really get going I find red rubble in their toy dishes.