PetSafe Nobbly Nubbly: a treat holding, gum massaging dog toy


I have tried a few treat/food puzzles with my dog, she just gets frustrated and whines at it. I eventually give her the stuff inside because it breaks my heart.

Took our Vizsla less than 2 hours to destroy one of these; she’s death on everything. So now we just celebrate destruction – for gnawin’, she gets deer antler; for chewin’ she gets pig ear.

A good idea for Valentine’s day presents for my two miniature Poodle pups. The problem with buying toys for them is that their teeth are so razor sharp, they very quickly shred anything they start chewing on. It will be interesting to see how long the Nobbly Nubbly can last…

looks like a great foot massager.

How does the deer antler hold up?

Like a champ. A 6" spike lasts at least 4 to 6 weeks, often more. Better, they seem to gracefully erode, rather than chip or shatter into pieces. Peanut butter jar lids, empty water bottles, and store-bought toys all regard the antlers with great envy.

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She’s 18 months; been gnawing on antlers for about half a year. The spikes she gets are no more than 5/8" in diameter, usually more like 1/2". She’s not built with a car-crusher jaw like your Petey…more of a rip-the-entrails-out kind of girl, so she doesn’t seem to obsess on her molars.

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