Fake rawhide my puppy loves to chew and I don't have to worry

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Heh, not easy writing a product review/promo for a dog chew. But I’ll give these a try for my two chewers. Antlers are great, too (I give them elk antlers), and mixing up the chewing material is good for the dog as well.


I would do Elk Antlers but my vet told me the Cavalier can not lose any more teeth.


My old chocolate lab Piper loves these.


I’ve been using the stix for my Cavalier for several years now. He loves them, but tends to hide them (from who, we’re not sure - only one dog) then discover them later.


Electra (Golden) takes every treat and RUNS from Pretzel the Cavalier, hides them outside for later. The Cavalier will steal anything.


My dachshund loves these and actually chews them. He has this tendency to not chew stuff and just inhale them. They seem to be very expensive in Canada and I have no idea why.

I have no idea what our Norwegian elk hour would have done with these. She had a bit more jaw strength than our dachshund does.

That was a real “aww… gag… aww… gag” kind of post for me.

That’s a real turn; it’s meatful instead of meatless, (unlike the lovely Asp Bites snake substitute (courtesy Oglaf)) but I guess the animal isn’t bombing its GI tract with half-yards of blocky fabric in playing keep-away.

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truthaboutpetfood dot com

You should probably read that article about no-hides on the above listed site

This. The number of slab fractures that one sees in private practice from harder chew toys (bones, antlers, nylabones…) is ridiculous.

It varies by dog (my labrador seems to handle nylabones ok, but isn’t an insane chewer).

If it’s harder than fingernail, you run the risk of fractured teeth. If it’s softer, you run the risk of an idiot aggressive chewer (like a German Shepherd I had) that will instantly scissor off the largest swallowable piece that you then get to worry if it’ll digest, pass, or cause a surgical obstruction…

Just freaking narrow it down, I haven’t seen a whole article yet for having gone to

…finally clicked one and they note the study’s behind a J. Animal Nutrition paywall
or such, but break out what they think treats A-G are, whether they had bacteria in them,
and whether they seemed to have rawhide in …I mean, it’s gotta nod that way to be imitating it. Then they throw the clickbaity thing of someone’s dog having actually choked etc. So thanks, I’ll stop treating something like a stray dog.

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