Chews that work for both my big dog and the little one

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I misread the headline as meaning your dog and “the little one” (your child). Happy I was wrong.

I’d eat what I feed my dogs.

Those salmon snacks do look delicious. I would try one.

Go with the little ones (NOT CHILDREN.) I think the big one would fuck up my gums.

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I use a salmon & sweet potato kibble for my GSP, she loves it for treats too. But the bison bone is her fav, she’ll do algebra for them, and not that easy crap either.

On rawhide…

Really depends on your dog(s). One of my labs (despite the usual lab unhealthy obsession on food) will methodically chew a rawhide into teeny tiny slimy gluey bits, that will be digested or pass easily.

My shepherd on the other hand… She’ll take a treat (and perhaps out of concern that the lab will eat it), will promptly scissor it into the largest possible swallowable pieces, which go right down her gullet. Doesn’t matter if it’s a regular rawhide or a pressed rawhide. This has taken the form of halving a large pressed bone, then swallowing both halves sequentially.

This presents problems in terms of the rawhide then absorbing water, swelling, and potentially presenting as an intestinal blockage. Fortunately my dog apparently has large intestines and a sizeable pooper, and has been able to pass some pretty ugly stools. Suffice it to say, she doesn’t get rawhides.

As long as these salmon treats have a reliable country of origin (read: “not China”), then these look awesome. On the China thing, there have been such huge problems in the pet industry with food and treats from China in terms of intentional adulteration as well as bacterial contamination/quality concerns, that it’s probably safer to just avoid pet food/treats from there.


When I first read the title I honestly thought “and the little one” referred to your kid.

Can’t the big one just use the little one like nature intended?

Baby carrots. Good boys can have all of them.

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The title really should be “Chews that work for both my dogs regardless of size.”

So no barfing up? I was pretty good with hooves for my pits, but they kept swallowing large pieces and then barfing them up.

No barf. Poop was runny on the little dog the first time she had one.

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