Film festival to attempt mass hypnosis of audience

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Reminded me of Monty Python’s Fishy, Fishy, Fish skit for some reason Fishy, Fishy, Fish - YouTube

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I remember in college there was a first year intro party event with a hypnotist. It is hilarious to see the people who are susceptible to this do funny stuff under the influence of the hypnotist.

But I also remember a key part of the event seemed to be screening for the people that are susceptible to hypnosis, and calling only those people to the stage? I don’t remember the exact screening process the hypnotist used, but you can’t just hypnotize anyone from the way I remember it?

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Mr. Lobo has been doing this for years.

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I remember one of those events. I pretended to be hypnotized for the LULZ, then when they started bringing people up to the stage, I decided that standing in front of an audience and doing stupid things was a hard pass, so I ‘snapped out of it.’ I had a rotten time convincing the people I came with that I was only pretending.


Went to a stage show featuring a hypnotist. Got selected and was filtered out with my wife on the first screening which involved just raising our hands while our eyes were closed. Did I raise it too fast? Too slow? The rest of the show seemed to be a few select people doing mildly humorous, low-stakes, least level humiliating tasks. Good work if you can get it, I guess.


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