Films with aliens


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Hrm. Several of the clips showed humans – Dune, at least - and the clip of Monsters vs. Aliens showed the monsters, who aren’t aliens, and the tenatacular-horrors of The Mist are technically other-dimensional beings… so not alien to an Earth, perhaps.


there were also no aliens in Total Recall.


What do you call Earthlings on Mars?






strangers in a strange land




Watching again now while not at work.
Umm Attack of the 50ft woman? Maybe sorta as it was an alien that made her grow not that they show that clip.

I am not sure Solaris had aliens as much as it was the astronauts going insane it was only hinted there could have been an alien influence.
edit: nevermind it has been awhile since I saw it. It was the planet itself or something like that creating a being to try and talk to the astronauts.

"The lesson that we should learn and that the movies try to avoid is that we ourselves are the aliens controlling our bodies. Our ego, our psychic agency, is an alien force, disorting, controlling our body."


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