Final Fantasy 16 developers swear not to delay it, barring meteor strike

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I was just reading some [microblogging website] thread about how the accessibility options (i.e things to make the game easier like auto-this-and-that) are implemented as in-game items you have to equip, and there are only a limited number of slots to equip things, and the accessibility items have to be shared with your regular buildout items.

Twitter thread:

Worrying statement from developer explaining why he didn’t want to make the system better:

Look, easy mode is like pineapple on pizza. Some people like it. Some people don’t. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it or eat it!

replying to myself: I am FIRMLY in the easy mode is good camp. Will I ever beat Elden Ring? I doubt it - I spent a lot of time and had fun playing it and it’s just too hard to beat easily for me. Did I slam through Hi-Fi Rush right to the end and switched to easy mode halfway through so I could keep having fun? Absolutely. Did I make sure to set an appropriate difficulty level in Chained Echoes so I could make sure to get through it? Did I put Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on easy so I could be a jedi badass? Did I put Mass Effect on easy and make it the first game I ever beat? Yes yes yes yes yes. The point of a game is for me the player to enjoy it, not for it to be hard so the developer can feel smug into a kleenex because those “pathetic weaklings” can’t beat the game.

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