Finally, replacement tips for my AirPod Pros that work

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I think I need these. I have using my airpods while doing yardwork and afterwards my ears starts filling with liquid and later it feels like I have an ear infection. I have cleaned the airpods with alcohol and still the issue persists.

I don’t think I am allergic to silicon. I have an apple watch band that I think is silicon and doesn’t bother me.

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I have the same issue, I think it’s most likely the weight of the earbuds (I don’t have apple ones) causing the seal on your ears to become the fulcrum, and abrading the skin to cause weeping (lymph, which runs much closer to the surface of the skin than blood). Possibly sweat exacerbates the issue… I’ve basically had to give up wearing earbuds. :expressionless:

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I’ll be trying these. Apple’s ear tips are fucking worthless unless your ear shape meets some kind of golden reference design. I’ve had medium success with memory foam tips and they don’t last for long before needing to be replaced. Maybe these won’t suck.

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I bought these based on your recommendation and I have to warn everyone: DO NOT BUY THESE. The first time I put these in my ears, they separated from the black connecting piece leaving the tips in my ear canal. I had to get someone to remove the tips from my ear canals. Maybe mine were defective but everyone should be cautious when using these.

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I bought a pair of these and they finally arrived yesterday (my size was on back order for a while). My first impression was that they fit very well – in fact, it was the first time in a while I’ve been able to get a “good seal” in both ears using the AirPods’ fitment test.

That being said, perhaps they fit too well. Just like @JPMilner, when I pulled one of them out of my ear, the black connecting piece that attaches to the AirPod separated from the tip and I had to pull it out of my ear separately. This was more than a little bit disconcerting. Looking at the reviews on Amazon this is not an uncommon complaint.

I’ll stick with these a little while longer since they are the only thing I’ve found that seems to fit well – but another complaint is they tend to deform after a couple of months. While this is not uncommon for memory foam tips I wouldn’t expect with silicone – especially not at a princely $30 for a set.