If you have Air Pods or Air Pods Pro get these Complyfoam tips

Originally published at: If you have Air Pods or Air Pods Pro get these Complyfoam tips | Boing Boing

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Those tips remind me of the foam tips on the Koss “Plug” earbuds I used to use.

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I LOVE comply foam tips and have used them for years. I can’t stand the rubber ones that suction into my ear canal. Glad they’re finally available for Air Pods Pro.

Only issue I have with these is they are a bit fragile and depending on usage, may only last a few months before ripping/tearing. Make sure to order the 3 pack at least.


Okay, maybe I’m drunk. But I created an account to comment because it bugs me so much that a high-end tech product that is made to go INSIDE YOUR BODY is designed so poorly that a peripheral product is required to fit properly. It’s so half-assed in my opinion. Am I just too jaded with the world?

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Ears are complex and varied. For lots and lots of people, they Just Work™, and for lots more, they don’t and they provide extra tips for that. For still more people, that still isn’t good enough, and that’s why aftermarket options exist.

Hence the world of “One size fits all” attire really means “One size fits most”.

I was surprised to make it 64 years in life before discovering that I have smaller than average ear canals. Even the small Apple tips for AirPods Pro are tight in my ears, and the Comply tips work perfectly for me. I get 2 or 3 months out of each set.
Small ear canals . . . small tips, as the saying goes (or something like that).

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The Comply tips are decent - not my favorite. If you like them and find a size that fits, get a few sets because they wear out after a while and stop holding their shape.

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