Comply Foam memory foam tips make every set of IEMs sound better

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I won’t deny
I use Comply
I’m not sure why
But they sure are fly


not a fan. they tend to absorb oil

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You drilling for oil in them thar earbuds?

In all seriousness, they are pretty open about having a “limited life-span.” I tend to agree. But I manage with 3-6 months per pair.

They also add a muffling effect to any IEMs.

Not a fan.

Tried them, don’t like them. I use triple-flange eartips on my various IEM’s, and they’re just as comfortable and easier to clean than foam tips, and last for years. The only thing better are custom eartips at extravagant cost!

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I have to admit that I was initially baffled by the headline; having a completely different association in mind when I hear “comply foam”


As in “You have 20 seconds to comply.”

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Are we really calling them ‘in ear MONITORS’ now?

As if we’re all suddenly audio engineers getting calls from Jimmy Ioivine, Butch Vig & Flood on the weekends.


You do realize IEMs have never been intended for audio engineers. Nor were they intended to be that great of sound…they were intended to replace floor wedges that bled into the mics and couldn’t give a personalized mix to every performer.

To be honest, even my Powerbeats actually sound better than the old Shure ECs that I use to wear on stage. I mean, they are bluetooth and the delay would make this impossible to use (i.e., I believe they have a 100ms latency that can throw off timing)…but for isolation and quality? They sound awesome. And they actually cost less than the price of getting my ears poured for the Shure model I used professionally.

So yes, I think calling these things IEMs can be appropriate.


I’ve started to see this nomenclature used for marketing to generic consumers, but this makes sense to me from the POV of an actual musician. While I do some very occasional recording at home on my old MBOX (cant believe the damn thing even works right now), I’m mostly just a music listener so that context was lost on me.

the dude complys.

The funny thing is, even generic consumer boxes that are priced to be disposable are far better than the stuff that I use to use in multimillion-dollar studios. Even the MBOX when it came out was something that really irked the f*** out of me because while it only had a few inputs (what? Two stereo pairs???) it actually sounded better than MOST of the stuff that was on the market a few years before. Not that we would have admitted it back then! (And I believe there was a company that actually put in a third party clock for this to up the timing chip that made it even better).

The ‘prosumer’ market in audio really has been on parity since the late '90s. Almost everything uses the same generic DSP chips designed for the cell phone market and even around 2000 when I was working with a high end synth company, we were debating from switching away from custom DACs to these chips because there was no other way that we could compete.

So yeah, I get it…as a musician the use of the terminology in generic consumer shit really irks me. Given that I’m not in the world any more…and not even upset that a lot of my friends are in LA right now getting ready to try to make the argument that everything I said is wrong and failing more and more…I can actually be a little more honest about it!

I’m actually kinda interested in these tips…again, I have in-ears that were poured for me…but my phone doesn’t even have a headphone jack anymore!

I’m testing this out right now:

Speak for yourself.

I’ve got something similar. I use to use it at the climbing gym as I could get about 50ft out of it and didn’t have to worry about destroying my phone!

What kinda range are you getting on this? That would be the only reason I have to replace my ancient one!

These are much cheaper on AliExpress. Wear them for a couple months, toss them out once they get grungy. I use them in the gym all the time.

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