Cheap earbuds that outperform $1,000 alternatives


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I have switched to Monoprice headphones. They’re typically less than 10 bucks, excluding shipping (I’ve found them as cheap as $4!) and they sound great, with especially warm mid-ranges that are great for listening to audiobooks and podcasts.


Here is another GREAT earbud tip. I used to have the $300 Bose noise cancelling headphones - used mostly when on airplanes.

I didn’t want to spend the $$ on new ones - so I googled custom earbuds and came across this brilliant hack that dramatically improves the performance of any earbuds by isolating them in your ear:

Cost $10.00 for the Radian Custom earplug materials.

Cheap, custom, high quality earbuds!


I usually chew through earbuds every few months or so because I shove them in my pocket, in my bag, etc and the cords get wrecked and frayed or the rubber pieces pop off and disappear. I just buy cheap ones periodically and have a stash. Good to know which ones might sound better.


Shit. I just bought these. Boy, do I feel silly now?


I remain bewildered that people use the white earbuds supplied with iPods/iPhones. They sound appalling, and for me at least, simply fall out of my ears, even when I’m sitting at my desk. How people jog with them is beyond my comprehension.


Ouch! That seems a little in ‘Golden Cable’ territory.
But their HD-25s are one of my favourite things.


I love the ones that came with my Samsung! They don’t go inside the ear canal, just sort of sit outside it with a dongle bit that goes in. For me, they’re perfect, I have tiny ear canals so even on the smallest squishy thingers hurt me after a while. Also it feels like I’m under water. These give good sound but also let in enough ambient sound so that I’m not worried walking at night.


I liked this ‘review’.



I hate these earplug style ones that block the canal and make you feel like you have a head cold, just before you get hit by a car because you can’t hear a damn thing. The flat ones just fall out and sound tinny because they don’t sit in the right spot.

These are the best i’ve owned*…

They sit just perfect (not too far in, not too far out), snug without being uncomfortable. I’m still using a pair but long since discontinued so once they’re gone they’re gone. :cry:

*Sony MDR-ED21LP for those interested.

Foam ear bud tips that really make a difference

Those look similar to the ones I posted up thread. They came with my Samsung Galaxy6. I wonder if you can buy them separately?


Ooh…yes, very very similar and your description up thread sounds just like the sony ones. I’ll have to file that away for future reference when i need to replace them. Merci.


It looks like @tomob’s DIY ones result in the same sort of configuration.


Yes and no… I don’t actually want sound cancelling, I want to be able to hear cars while I’m walking.


I don’t wear the full “sound cancelling” insets when I’m walking around - mostly on airplanes or when at work in deep concentration mode. It is super easy to change out the insets and the normal earbud tips.


Ugh. I’m sure the sound quality is fine, but I can’t stand canalphones. They feel weird to me and I can’t hear ambient noises like cars about to crush me. I’m actually becoming progressively more annoyed that they seem to be taking over.


It seems that the sound quality can be a mixed bag on these cans, per Head Fi. The same reviewer who gave an incredible glowing review for the e100 didn’t like the additional “thank you” pairs sent by the manufacturer


Yes, I want you to hear the cars and not get smashed!!!


It also appears that the E300 is sonically nothing like the E100 :unamused:
Order cancelled so I’ll stick with the tried and test Soundmagic E10.