These excellent noise canceling bluetooth over-ear headphones are on sale again

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For once, not crap. TaoTronics makes very good products and has great customer service.

Agree with this ^^
I needed a new pair of over-ear ‘phones, and there’s no way I could justify the cost of Sony or Bose ‘phones.
Saw a review of these, and the similar Anker ‘phones, and ordered both to try out.
Just couldn’t get on with the Anker ‘phones, odd, hollow sound I couldn’t fix with a music app multi-band EQ, (KeiserTone, which is very good), so kept the Taotronics ones, which I’m very happy with.
I’m not affiliated in any way, just very impressed with what you get for your cash!

Yeah, these are great. I’ve used a pair at work every day for over a year and they are still great.
Just checked out the coupon and yeah that is a good price, hm hm… HM

… aaaand sold out.

Has anyone tried their combo headphones with a mic?
Was reading about one after clicking the amazon link. Then again, was also thinking about then for traveling, then remembered we’re in a pandemic and I’m not flying right now. : (

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