Excellent noise canceling headphones back on sale with promo code

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I ordered a pair from the link I shared in the last post and they came before my family left for holiday. I used them in the car for noise cancelation–which worked great. I also used them to listen to podcasts from my phone most of the time. They were charged before I left on the trip and I have used them heavily at least four days since–and a little more on the other days. They are finally showing the battery level coming off of ‘full’. Outstanding battery life!

I don’t have a lot of experience with other headphones like this. Up until this point I’ve used the around the back of the head BT headphones and a lot of normal in-ear earbud type hadphones (atached to a little BT<>headphone adapter). I’ve liked all of those for their ability to let me hear ambient sounds. But I don’t always want to do that. :slight_smile: And now I have an option.

Thanks for the find, @frauenfelder!!

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I got a pair of their older model last year. BH-22s, I believe. I love them.

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I have a pair of TaoTronics noise-canceling Bluetooth earbuds, and I have to say, they make good products. Unusually well-built, good price, great battery life, and decent (although NOT audiophile-quality) sound. Their customer service also has a great reputation. The only negative I know of, is that their noise-canceling headsets have that barely-perceptible high frequency “headspace” noise that is endemic to noise-canceling in general.

Score one for BoingBoing! This is probably the first product I’ve seen them schlepping, that I can wholeheartedly support ^^’ .

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$47.99. I didn’t see a spot on the page/cart to add the coupon so I can’t report on the possible discount. Built-in mic.

I just checked on Amazon, and you can enter the discount code at one of the last steps of checking out. The discount was $21.99, so the final price was $26 (plus tax, etc.)

Am I missing something? I click the link and it says only available from 3rd party sellers, all of which are used.

I’ve got a pair, in fact I bought them along with a pair of the similar Anker headphones, because often there are distinctly different characteristics between various ’phones, and that was the case here. The Anker ‘phones are very reminiscent of early Beats Solo HD’s, lots of bass, and a flat mid and top, while the Taotronics were somewhat lacking in bass, with a bit more detail in the mods and top.
I don’t use a basic music player on my iPhone 11, I usually use Onkyo’s player, because it has an EQ to allow custom audio curves to be created, but I also discovered another, even better app, KaiserTone audio player, which has an EQ that goes up to 30 frequency channels, and I used that with both sets of ‘phones.
Nothing I could do would make the Anker Soundcore ‘phones sound good, to my ears at least, the mids and top sounded hollow and boxy, so I gave up and returned them.
The Taotronics I persevered with, giving the low bass a boost, and lifting the frequencies in the mids, to give vocals a lift, and lifting the top end to give it a bit of sparkle, and I’m really very pleased with them - for the money they’re outstanding, they’re light, they fit well, the noise cancelling works very well, and even better, they have a 3.5mm jack, so a cable can be used if the battery dies. I’ve got a Lightning to 3.5mm cable, cost about £8 from eBay which means I can cable them to my iPhone with no issues.
A win all round.
And I’m in no way connected to anyone with an interest in these ‘phones, just a happy user delighted to find good ‘phones that deliver without paying £200-odd for the pleasure!

Okay, I finally had to charge them. I don’t have a total run time for them, but it’s safely meeting the 24h spec. There’s an upgraded version that claims 40h, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were identical and they just labeled them differently. Oh, the strange things that volumes of scale do to markets.

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