Great deal on noise cancelling bluetooth headphones

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Timely. I needed a new set of headphones. Noise cancelling is a bonus. Thanks!

(update) They arrived and are working great so far. Thanks again!

For what it is worth (I am not an audiophile) I have this set of headphones, the first noise cancelling anything I have ever owned.

The passive noise cancelling, meaning just the headphone bulk and seal around your ears, is pretty good all by itself, and the only noise cancelling available if you are using the direct connect cable to your audio source.

Turning on the active noise cancelling is of course even better and makes a huge difference. The simulated “silence” it generates is almost unnerving if you have never used noise canceling headphones before, which I had not. Which also means I have nothing to compare it to, but holy buckets, it works.

Note that if you listen to music, I could not hear any hiss or hum to the active noise cancelling, but listening to audio books or podcasts and for sure you hear a bit of a hiss.

The battery lasts a long time, a good 20 hours easy, when using via blue-tooth without the active noise cancelling on. I hardly ever need the additional active noise cancelling so can not comment on how that affects battery life.

I also do not use them a lot, so can not comment on the durability of the earphone parts.

For the price, I’d buy them again and recommend them to others.

Again, keep in mind I have nothing to compare them to, but was very happy with the purchase.


The code is good for $26 off, on the black only. FYI.

I have some wireless MPOW earbuds, and they’re quite ugly due to large drivers, but they sound great. FWIW.


Generally we shouldn’t listen to audiophiles. They’ll tell you a dog turd sounds excellent if it has gold plated contacts and upcharge worthy magic cables.

I’ve done professional audio work. I’ve run into some MPOW stuff, but not these. Usually sound pretty decent. And these seem to have a decent enough reputation. I can’t speak to build quality, but you can get better sound quality for the money. Not so sure on better sound quality and better active noise cancelling for the same money. Don’t personally use active noise cancelling headphones. The brand seems to becoming the major “surprisingly good for the money and always cheap on Amazon” option. If you’re satisfied with them, and they don’t explode in a year. Then it’s hard to tell you you wasted your money.

When you’re ready to get serious about audio though. What you really need is a tube based dog turd, it deals better with stink based interference than a solid state poop.


As much as I appreciate good sound, I can’t help but laugh at the “unobtainium cables doped with powdered unicorn horn” crowd. One of my favorite listening setups involves plugging a nice pair of studio headphones directly into the surprisingly good audio output of my main desktop computer’s motherboard. I hadn’t even bought that board for its audio section (ECC memory support was its main selling point for me), and I was quite happy to find that its built-in headphone amp was absolutely up to the task.

I bought a second hand record player, mostly because I want to be able to buy a vinyl record as a nice reminder of a concert I’ve been to when that’s offered, but also for the ritual of putting on a record.

Sometimes I look for some advise in how to handle the records, how to prevent skidding, simple stuff like that. But it’s really hard to find “good enough” advise, most of the advise seems to be based around “this is the absolute best way of doing it, and everything else is worthless”. Also differentiating between the “gold plated audiophile bullshit” and “common sense, important for sound quality” advise is really hard when you don’t actually already understand everything…

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Make me click the f***ing link to find the price? Why not just tell us the price?!?!
$38.99 after $26 discount. You’re welcome.


And there’s your thing right there. Hardcore Audiophiles are looking for nebulous concepts like “space” and impossible physics for some sort of perfect experience rather than sound quality. People who just know audio equipment are typically looking for studio grade equipment. So accurate sound modeling, without distortion. Flat frequency bands. Controls. And durability. However much the audiophile may believe they’re hearing things that noone else can, what they’re listening to was made on that studio grade equipment.

So you’ve got two competing sets of enthusiasts. Magic cables and “holy shit look at this mixing board”. Finding decent info requires distinguishing between them.

And there in lies the other problem. There’s good info to be gleaned from enthusiasts. But they are enthusiasts. So “good enough” is not good enough. And current state of the internet its either sales pitches and ads or enthusiasts. So finding quality, non-insane info on anything is pulling teeth.


Discount code no longer works

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Bummer, wish I’d seen this post sooner.

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