Make an audiophile's holiday with these wireless headphones

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No. These are not audiophile headphones. Treblab Z2 headphones paid for peer review marketing to create good first impressions and tag audiophile along with it. Want audiophile? Get Sennheiser.


I’m sorry, I can’t hear you through this hip knit cap.


Do “audiophiles” even do active noise cancellation?


He’s not a hipster, though, he’s a “Happy young stylish man in headphones expressing positivity”. :thinking:


Doctors should probably monitor him to see if teeth whitening strips have any long-term health complications. /s

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I don’t see the point when I’m indoors. Meaningless function that increases the price for no increase in quality.

ETA: an if you’re going for the audiophile experience outdoors, unless you’re in a quiet place, you’re doing it wrong.

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as long as it’s got a coiled cable like the old telephone cord… like most paraphilias it’s mostly about being able to grease up and go to town

You’re doing it wrong. If you want to appeal to an audiophile you need to mark it up to $1499.99.


You clearly don’t work in an “open office” hellscapeworkspace.


I like the Bose QuietComfort 35 but it is expensive. For the price, the Treblab Z2 looks good.

The thing about Bose is that the noise cancellation is superior to the knock offs. They are, perhaps, $250 worth of noise cancellation and $50 worth of headphone.

I bought some “Shenzhen Special” noise cancelling earbuds off of Amazon for what seemed like a good price, and after I bought them the company sent me an email warning via Amazon that I shouldn’t compare them to $300 Bose noise reduction, which turned out to be very true. The active noise cancellation was almost subliminal :-/

The Trelab Z2s might be ok, but if you want active noise cancellation, off brands may not be the way to go. If you do decide you want to buy these “bargain” headphones, you may want to pony up another 10 bucks and buy them from Amazon, so that you can return them if you don’t like them. (All products sold on the BoingBoing store are all sales final.) And BoingBoing auto converts Amazon links in comments into Amazon affiliate links to BoingBoing’s account, so you don’t have to worry that BoingBoing won’t get a commission if you buy from Amazon instead of the BoingBoing store.

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Do audiophiles wireless?

Also, what are audiophiles?

Do be do?

Do re mi?

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Do “audiophiles” even do wireless?


Ohhh yeah, all audiophiles in-the-know listen through a knit cap now. It really softens the mid-range.


If you know someone with an expensive hobby and you want to buy them a gift, either ask them ahead of time or just get something not related. Most times these people, (at least when they are me) have already spent a small fortune on everything they want ( or at least think they need). Most things not already owned are either garbage or too expensive for the over spending gearphile. It leads to awkward gift moments. If you ask, then there might be something fun, that isn’t too expensive that they haven’t gotten around to buying yet. Win-win.

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pick one.

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