Cheap earbuds that outperform $1,000 alternatives

I hear great things about those! I really need to find a balanced armature pair to replace my absolutely beloved UE 3…

I watched a woman go head over teakettle the first night of DST and that was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I am so wary of cars now. I really should get some reflectors for my winter coat.

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Yikes, yes!!! Get those light up sneakers, too.


Yes, the HD25-IIs (a bit different to those pictured) are my travelling set. Sound great, light, comfortable, block reasonable outside noise and are incredibly durable (based on the abuse I dish out when travelling with them).

I was looking at these the other (shut up don’t judge me!) and they were pretty neat! Very bright in person!

Restoration Hardware sells things like that?

I thought they sold faux-old furniture?

Monoprice has a lot of good stuff at good prices. I love 'em!

They do! But as xmas time they have tables full of neat stocking stuffers! Like that! Or this:

Edit to add: the whole list is pretty neat. (not cheap, but interesting)


:slight_smile: Very Cool Material-y.

Including the silly whisky stones :smile:

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Oh yes, very silly, but sometimes you need a silly but nice present right?


Hehehe. You missed the 20% off sale! It went until last night. (I don’t know about Canada.) My wife was on there buying Turkish bath towels. “I only buy stuff from them when it’s on sale,” she quipped.

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Not silly when you get lost in the woods!

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Probably not in Canada. YET!

Also what is up with the turkish towels! They are so hot right now! Its so weird! My SO was actually in Turkey in the spring and brought some back that he’d just picked up as rags for maybe $2, and here they’re like $50. CRAZY!

I am super eyeing the pocket bocce ball… we got super into bocce this summer at the cottage. (We already have and use the table topper for ping pong.)

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There is something cozy and absorbent about those Turkish towels that no other towel can even come close to. It’s like being wrapped in swaddling clothes and being held close to momma’s breast. It’s like you had a bad, long day and you get home and there’s a table near the front door with a tumbler of Bulleit Rye on the rocks sitting there, waiting for you. They are like having to trudge through sleet that is being driven into your face by high wind, then a friend stops their car and lets you in and suddenly you are warm again and not sleety. It’s like when the pizza comes out of the oven and you’re hungry and you cut a slice and eat it with a big glass of cold soda or beer. Turkish towels are like that.


… do you work for J. Peterman?


No, he’s just a regular banana.


Yes. Here’s me in my J. Peterman coat.


How do they compare to Xiaomi Pistons?

Sony XBA?

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Actually, I think Bose makes these!

You know, “no highs, no lows, must be a Bose.”

I sent mine back. (My review)