What’s your fav way to jam?


I miss the subwoofer and aftermarket speakers installed in my Prius before owning this Mazda3 with its mediocre Bose system.

My favorite is at home in 2.1 mode with towers and (HSU) sub, streaming Mixcloud from my phone over wifi.

Has anyone tested music over the new bluetooth standard?


As much as I dig good jazz I just have decent headphones or some basic speakers I plug into the laptop.


I’m in the market for some over-the-ear headphones. Is there anything over WIFI?


Not that I am aware of just bluetooth. I have some skullcandy gaming headphones wishlisted as recommended by @jlw. But I currently use some sony mdr v150s that were in the send it to surplus bin at work that made it home with me and have had them for a few years and they sound really nice for free and at $25ish dollars for some new ones I would say they are more than worth that.


Wow, these prices escalate quickly.

I may stick to the home speakers.


Or long extension cords for dancing around the office.


I do miss those old headphones with 1/4" stereo plugs.


Does this mean that you don’t like new headphones with 1/4" stereo plugs? If you only need the connector, you can always buy a nice one for only a few dollars and wire it on.


Also these:


Those look about right. I may try these:


Those Grados must be something else with two recommendations within 11 comments. How did the dress shirt come into play?


I miss my old Grado SR-60s.

My favorite speakers are a pair of NHT SuperOnes that I got from an old job, many years ago, when they cleared out their media center and gave employees their old electronics.


Great! I love home repair jobs like that. Swapping out the amp on my sub was a blast.


Super inexpensive, and sounds great.

Now this bit of kit wasn’t inexpensive.




I have Polk mains too. Love them. Who makes that turntable? Drool.


It’s a Pro-ject RM 1.3. I love how mechanical it is, everything must be balanced and weighted. Took me a day to set up the first time :slight_smile:


Never tried on a pair of Sennheisers but I’ve read that they’re significantly more comfortable than Grados, which tend to make the pinnae ache after ninety minutes or so. But I listen to a lot of ‘up-front’ music (think Battles, King Crimson, Amon Tobin) and Grados drop you center-stage. Love that sound.




Or this:

(with a bluetooth dongle-y thing in it)


That’s tempting:


How do they compare to the Grados?