These ergonomic earbuds were made to take anywhere

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My definition of earbuds I can take anywhere is “earbuds that are cheap enough that I won’t mind having them lost or stolen”.

Forty bucks is not cheap enough.


I’m kinda with you there, but I also want to make sure that they work well for music and phone calls. I got the 20 dollar Anker Soundbud Slim’s some time back and they’ve been great. Thus far, I’ve avoided losing them - knock on wood.

Do people own earbuds that they feel they can’t “take anywhere” ?

I like earbuds that are wired because those at least work anywhere, like on an airplane. I still use those famous Monoprice eabuds ($5.49) plus some foam tips (~$3.50). Cheap and comfortable with decent sound*.

*disclaimer: I tend to favor very flat response open ear headphones rather than earbuds. Sony MDR-7506 for example.

I have the Sony MDR-7506. Nice sound and easy to drive, but after a while a bit warm over the ears.
They are also fairly inexpensive and should work well for years.

Sony cheapos from Target are sufficient if I need to be mobile. Bonus: they come in pink!

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I also use a pair of Sony MDRV6 where I’ve installed fuzzy ear pads. I might like having warm ears. :open_mouth:

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