Over those AirPods? Here are 10 pairs of earbuds that bring the noise

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Shure BT2.

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I like music!


I got the Cowin E7’s a while back for a really great price. At first I was extremely disappointed in their sound. But doing a burn-in - letting them play music for a good 24-48hrs really made a difference in them. They’re now great for the office with that NC feature to wipe out ventilation noise.

I’m a big fan of the Anker Soundcore Spirit earbuds. Battery life isn’t quite the same as the LG neckbuds I had, but they’re much lighter, water “proof”, and they stay put. And they’re like $30, and go on sale frequently. Are they the best sounding earphones? Probably not, but if I wanted fidelity, I’d be sitting at home with a good pair of wired cans.

Steve Jobs speaks to me when I’m wearing AirPods.


Picture shows the Klipsch R5 NON-Neckband version (which I would prefer, anyway). Which is it.

I don’t get the whole cork-in-the-ear design of earbuds like these. They get nasty with earwax and feel weird in my ear. I use the disc shaped ones that sit in the curve of the ear in front of the ear canal.

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Miss this dog-man.


“You’re holding it wrong”


For some reason, my ex-wife used to say that to me a lot.

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