Financial Times' response to ad-cutting threat from HP is great

What’s hilarious is that Whitman’s little minion had the nerve to object to the article making a snide comment about the Autonomy acquisition. HP paid a 79% premium over market price, a cool $11.7 billion and ended up writing down $8.8 billion on the acquisition and suing everyone in sight for alleged accounting improprieties in an attempt to explain how they so boldly overpaid. HP got absolutely hammered on that deal; and even the most sympathetic narratives admit that, at best, they vastly overpaid for a strategic acquisition; and less sympathetic observers aren’t so sure about the ‘strategic’ part.

It simply isn’t possible to be too snide about a fuckup of that magnitude. Either Gomez is an obedient little hatchetman or he lives in a somewhat different reality from the rest of us, or both.