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As a game developer, part of me (the bit that’s been bashing my head against the enormous complexities of 3D graphics, animation, physics, etc. in today’s game engines) finds the simplicity appealing, but at the same time, I remember what a pain in the ass it was to do anything back then, and those modern game engines really make it easy to do basic stuff in game development…

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I understand the impulse to make simple games, but why in DOS, for god’s sake?


There is a surprisingly big market for games for old systems. You should see all the C64 stuff on sale on Itch. Last year an Apple II game called Nox Archaist was released, and enjoyed some commercial success.

I figured out that in 2020 I bought more C64 games than AAA titles.

It’s something close to but not quite the same as nostalgia, hiraeth, temporal homesickness. The feeling that the world moved on from something before it could be finished.

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Those 19A0 games were the best!


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