DRM-free games on sale


Your headline is missing a “-free”. :smile:

[Update: And now it’s not.]


The Psilons say buying Master of Orion 2 for 3 bucks is only logical.

GOG is indeed awesome, but thanks to them and Humble Bundle, I have more games than I could ever play in the next 10 years.


GOG brought TIE Fighter & X-Wing back to me. They have my sword.

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It appears that you have purchased them. How are they in the GOG release? I still have the old DOS versions kept away on CD. I doubt that I would have a good experience installing those and getting it to work with a modern system. Are the new version DOS (under DosBox, or windows-native)?

If you like those, wait until they (hopefully) release X-Wing Alliance. Now THAT is the ultimate Star Wars flight sim, plus you are not limited to 640x480 like the others.

My backlog is also at least a decade long, which is why I’ve pretty much stopped buying games. The problem is, even the free games I’ve picked up in the last year from GOG, Humble and Steam will take me more than a year to play through. That means, at this rate, even without buying any games, I’ll still have an ever-increasing backlog…
I think the industry is headed towards a bit of a collapse…

Sadly, I’ve not had a chance to touch them yet. I’ve also got the old copies, but got tired of fiddling with DOSBox long ago.

Generally, GOG tends to wrap the games in DOSBox but sets everything up automatically. On the other hand, I gather these combine both the original versions and the later CD-ROM editions, so I’m not sure how they’ve put these out.

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