Save the universe (and your relationship) by shooting aliens

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Is there a level where you have to kick at the darkness (a black hole, perhaps?) 'til it bleeds daylight?

Correction: it’s available for Linux, too.

No DRM-free version is a deal breaker. Steam is poison.

To each his own, I guess. Anyway, it’s also on GOG.

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Oooh, yay!

Did they credit The Barenaked Ladies for the title pun?

(That’s a generational joke. My brother, 12 years my younger, was gob-smacked to hear that TBL didn’t write “Lovers in a Dangerous Time”.)

Okay! I’ll just be over here, having fun.

(FYI, 30 seconds on Google finds DRM-free versions on the Humble Store and GOG. If you’re serious about Steam-free gaming, you really need to be a little less lazy about that sort of thing or you’re gonna miss out bigtime.)

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Anyway. Holy shitballs, I’ve been waiting for this one for ages! Got to play it for a few minutes at an indie expo in Seattle earlier this year, and it was just as amazing as the trailer made it look.

But here I am with no one to play it with. :frowning:

Title could be the Korean translation of Dr. Who.

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