The hidden gems of game platform Steam


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Can’t help but get the feeling that some of the real gems will never surface on this list. Anything that gets a handful of “negative” reviews will probably dip below the apparent 95% threshold. But I guess that’s the risk of algorithmically curated lists like this.


I may very well check out “Princess Remedy 2: In a Heap of Trouble”


You have hundreds of games over 95%, and you’re complaining you don’t have more hundreds?

I’m just shocked by the prices, many os these are under five bucks!


Sure @beschizza tell us about this AFTER the winter sale ends. (well an hour left as I type this)


Really I’m just complaining that this game isn’t considered a “Hidden Gem”:


Can I save these games and play them later 10 years post-Internet when I’m supposed to be on guard duty? No? Not interested.


I like Deadhold, a Myth like RTS strategy game that seems to be foundering, but has that sweet spot of real 3D graphics and units and Myth-style play. Things go boom a lot!


Welcome to the hell that is Steam sales. I have way too many unplayed games on my account.



I have managed to not buy anything this winter sale. So yay me.


Steam Sales: devaluing games and the effort that goes into making them since 2009.


As an aside, if anyone here is into difficult games a la Dark Souls or rogue-likes i highly recommend Dead Cells. I don’t know how popular the game is but i’ve found it to be really challenging, supremely fun and rewarding. The difficulty isn’t off the charts like something like Super Meat Boy where it requires pixel perfect accuracy and timing, i can comfortably play it with my mouse and keyboard, and i don’t mind dying because the game hinges on you playing and re-playing to get better upgrades that carry over between games. It’s also an early access game so there’s always new content coming out for it. I bought mine at near full price before the winter sale and honestly not even mad, money well spent.


I didn’t buy any either but a friend bought me Baldur’s Gate 2 HD re-release a few days ago. I really appreciate the gift purchase but i have no idea if i really want to sink that much time into such a game.


The top DLCs include soundtracks…


I really like dead cells. It’s still early access and gets updated a lot, but I find that kind of fun. The updates make meaningful changes, so it’s like the game gets renewed regularly.


I started gifting games from the sale prices being that low.


I quite some time ago passed the point where I can’t consider buying something unless it’s on sale and now can barely stomach adding something to my backlog unless it’s part of a larger bundle. I might speculate that the market is ready for a major correction, but people have been constantly saying that about video games for the last twenty years.

I’ll nominate Hadean Lands, a text-based adventure which was the subject of a fawning profile on Slate some time ago.


Holy crap I’m buying that immediately


Yeah the last two updates made some great quality of life changes and additions to the game. I’d like a teeny bit of optional plot thrown in, but that’s unimportant really. The timed gates in the game and challenge areas i’m not a huge fan of but thankfully i can ignore them.

Also i found a video talking about and comparing Hollow Knight and Dead Cells. I’d heard a tiny bit about Hollow Knight and its piqued my interest now, i might consider that as my next purchase.


I don’t think Hollow Knight is a very similar experience to Dead Cells, but it’s absolutely fantastic. One thing I’d say about it is that they added a number of free DLCs to it, and I feel like I’d suggest disabling those for a first playthrough. But I’m biased, having played the game before they came out and feeling like that’s how the game was meant to be.