The Humble Freedom Bundle: pay $30 or more, benefit charities fighting the #muslimban, get a preview of Wil Wheaton reading WALKAWAY


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Oh man, so many good games here.

Autobuy ftw.


$30 clams for a bunch of great stuff? OK!


I had been considering whether to purchase more than one of the games in the bundle. Consider my mind made up.


I already have a lot of this, but I should get it anyway.

Invisible Inc. is worth $30 on its own.


Dammit, I resolved to have a moratorium on buying new games until I had played through some of my backlog. So much for that resolution!


It’s worth noting that you can generally gift items if you end up with duplicates. I’ve reached the point where I may end up writing a bot just to redistribute them.


Damn that’s a good deal there.

At least 7 of those items i’d consider worth the money for individually. Shame i have them already :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, this would be a great way to get keys for said things for friends birthdays, so maybe…


This would have been a perfect bundle for Papers, please


There actually just was another bundle benefitting ACLU that included that game. I guess they figured they’d have a different lineup for the Humble version.


Yep, got exactly half of these – and of course i never got around to playing any of them either, sigh.

I’m going to scope around a bit and see if I can find some people who might care to divvy it up.


So I went and bought this bundle this morning, since I give money to the ACLU and MSF anyway, and started putting in some of the Steam keys. As of this evening, I think they’ve added 15 or more new titles that weren’t in the list this morning!


Also - anybody want a Steam copy of World of Goo (I think this is my 3rd copy) or The Stanley Parable? I can gift those through Steam.

First one who speaks up for either of these gets it.


Can’t not.


Skeptical about buy for benefit as always, but this was too good to pass up for selfish reasons.


I’ve got too many games, I should really stop buying these bundles.

But not today.


(ETA: I was very disappointed that there wasn’t a callback to that before Arya left the House of Black and White and returned to Westeros.)


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