Indie games bundles for Ukraine and Texas trans rights

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Itch, and the creators that participate in these bundles, really are amazing. I bought the Black Lives Matter bundle when it came out and it still provides me with surprises today as I work my way through it.

For the price you are getting an amazing set of really cool stuff while supporting great causes.

Just glancing over the Ukraine bundle I see a lot of names I recognize, each one of which is worth the cost of the bundle by itself. I don’t know the tabletop world well enough, but what I see in the Trans Rights Texas bundle looks great too!

Even if you don’t really play games I think you will find something in both that you might like to try, or read through just for your own enjoyment even if you never actually play the game. Almost all of the computer games in the Ukraine bundle will play on low-spec machines too!

For those that have not looked yet, the Ukraine bundle is a minimum $10 payment, while the Trans Rights Texas bundle is minimum $5 - you can choose to pay more for either, you get everything in each either way


And even though there’s a fair amount of overlap with the BLM bundle, that’s still true of a lot of the games that aren’t in the overlap. Just on a purely selfish level, if one were to buy the bundle purely for the games, and even if you completely ignore 99% of what’s in it, it’s still a steal at a multiple of what they’re asking for it. It’s insane.


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