Indie game bundle for Racial Justice and Equality comes with more than 740 titles

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A couple games in this giant heap I can recommend:

  • Night in the Woods
  • Death and Taxes
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Whole lot of games (both computer and TTRPG) in there worth well more than $5 each.

Recommendations besides those mentioned above: Oxenfree, Blades in the Dark TTRPG, A Short HIke, Minit, 2000:1: A Space Felony, Quadrilateral Cowboy, and probably a bunch of others I’m not immediately seeing.

Boy it’s going to be a game in itself to just sort through everything in the list…

3 Likes thoughtfully made it so that there is a separate page in your library for the bundle, and each game only shows up in your normal library after you accessed it once via the bundles page.

In addition tho the games mentioned above, there is also Tonight we Riot (mentioned on boinboing recently), Haque and Far From Noise.

Here’s another bundle that raises money for BLM, and here’s a list with even more bundles that raise money for bail funds.


I’m more than happy to support this. I see they are already an impressive way toward the $1M goal.
I’m only on page 4 of 25 and have easily found a dozen games and apps that have my attention.

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Another one of these that I can recommend immediately is molleindustria’s hilariously political-satirical Democratic Socialism Simulator:

I do wish there was some way to search through the bundle though. 25 pages of disorganized content is difficult to sift through.

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A Short Hike in itself is worth a measly $5. And you get 700+ free games* with it.

(*quickly scanning through the list I’d say around a third work on Macs)

I’m sure they will implement something, they hinted at that in the forums. And people will create playlists of games they find worthwhile.

They’re aware of the problem. The bundle page has recently been updated to include:

“We will be updating this page soon, we know it’s difficult to navigate so many games. We know you want a button to add show everything in your library. No need to reach out. Any new games added to the bundle will automatically show up here. Thanks!”

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