Find out if you are a Twitter bot with Botometer

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I have been living a lie.



I’m gonna say their meter is not very good. Two accounts with names including BOT are not Bots.


Huh. My bot (which actually announces itself as being a bot) scored 28%.

Does that make @beschizza 10% bot?


From the linked website, requested permissions:



I got 44% but many of my tweets nowadays are really Instagram posts.

Standard API authorizations for Twitter, I’m afraid. I don’t think apps can use their API without being authorized.

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Good grief! What drugs did they give to poor Ollie?

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I think the only way they can be sure their score is accurate is to take over your account and turn it into a bot. 100% a bot, every time, guaranteed!


You can revoke authorization right after. It’s a good idea to go through the list of apps that have access to your account occasionally. I did that earlier this year and I think about half the things I had connected my Twitter account don’t exist any more.

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It’s a good idea to go through the list of apps that have access to your account occasionally.

Indeed. I just did this, after getting my 18% score (brag brag brag), and I was amazed how many other sites/apps had permission. Definitely another part of our digital lives that requires periodic cleaning.


You can cut it off after you’re done here:

A great bookmark for periodic pruning of dead apps and the like too.


jeebus, i only rate a 20%, and i’m (as far as i know) a 100% meat-based, thinking human.

Rated my account as 25%. I don’t really use it other than to retweet dumbass shit for contests. Ok then

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“(Trump also scores 53%, oddly enough.)”

Sooo… not human?

Yeah, I basically run this stuff, look at the results, and then yank the authorization immediately thereafter.

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