Find out the age of actors in a movie at the time it was shot

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I love that Bea Arthur was a year older than Estelle Getty, who played her mother!



I thought I read back in the day, that Estelle Getty was the youngest of the cast. But I guess she was the 2nd youngest.


Yeah, that’s true. Weird, though, right? Estelle Getty pretty convincingly played an older woman!


ACTING! :grin:


Logan’s Run was a movie about people in a Utopia who were ritually killed at age 30. Nearly all the main actors were over 30.


Seems to really reflect when the film was released rather than when it was shot.

It says John Huston was 112 when he made The Other Side of the Wind.


Y’know… the other day I was wondering how old Elizabeth Shue was when she starred in Adventures in Babysitting… so I just subtracted the year it was released from this year (33 years.)

Then I looked up how old ES is now and subtracted 33 from her current age.

(She was 25 at the time, playing 17.)

Cool search engine if one is content with being mentally lazy, but personally I tend to worry about my mind going through atrophy, especially nowadays…


I just wish IMDB showed the picture of the actors at the age they were when they filmed the movies/episodes instead of their current images.

I mean if I’m looking for Anne Parillaud I would prefer to see her almost 30 years ago when she made the movie I’m looking for. (Innocent Blood)

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They changed the age to 30 because the actors they wanted could barely maybe pass for 29

In the book the age limit was 21


When Peter Ustinov was in the running for the part of Nero in Quo Vadis, the studio1) was worried he might be to young for the role at 28.
Ustinov pointed out that if they would drag out the decision any longer he would be too old as Nero died at 30.

1) It’s never “the studio”. It’s always some asshole in a suit.


Pictures on IMDB are uploaded by site members. Often unsourced, usually undated. Whaddyagonnado.

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