Find out who's manipulating you through Facebook political ads with ProPublica's free tool

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Nobody, because I nuked all that stuff with Chrome extensions.



Can’t they deduce some of your personal information by which ads that you’re getting?

Social Fixer for Facebook worked well for Firefox, last I checked. Another sanity measure is to unfollow everyone and everything. One is left with an empty feed (along with not much reason to hang around FB anymore).

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They still decide who your neighbors elect.

All I can control is myself and I how respond to any given situation.


A good tool, I suppose, but the people most likely to use it either already deleted their personal FB accounts or never had them in the first place.

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Find out who’s manipulating you through Facebook political ads with ProPublica’s free tool

Pro Tip: #deketefacefuckingbook


F.B. Purity removes some massive suckage from FaceBook. I’m a big fan of the NewsFeed word blacklist.


Also #defaceleetbook #defeatlacebook #decreasebaseflook


Sometimes you go too far.

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Roger that!


It makes your browser really SLOW! they need to get the bloat out.

I’m on FB, but I don’t see many political posts and those that I do I just ignore. Even if I agree with them and they are shared by my friends I never comment on them or like them or anything. I do block 'em sometimes, just like I block games and postcards and assorted bs. To my point, a little self control and FB can be a useful site for keeping up with your family, friends and neighborhood.


Yeah, I use it for keeping in contact with family. At a guess I thought that I don’t see much political stuff on it. According to this, none.

I do have a friend in the US who posts conspiracy shit but I never read it, and another in France who posts fundamentalist Christian shit, but I never read that either. The only other political things that ever show up are left anarchist demos and the like. I never respond to them on Arsebook either.

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