Check out this tool for exploring Facebook ads purchased by Russia to influence the 2016 election

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Is their any reason to doubt that the Russians are still buying Facebook ads designed to divide and anger Americans?

If there’s the thinnest one I guarantee you that one of our local appeasers and apologists for Putin will show up to proffer it to us. Failing that they’ll just downplay it is “no big deal, everyone tries to influence elections.”


how about we all stop trying to draw Jesus


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Thank you, @frauenfelder, for saying “influence” instead of “hack”.

Shows you’re not just a hack journalist I guess :wink:

I bet that’s part of their Islamophobia campaign. “Oh wait no, I meant Mohammad.”

I always thought that was kind of strange with Russia’s significant Islamic population, but I guess that never played inside Russia.

I think what disturbs me most about this whole sorry affair is not Facebook, not Cambridge Analytics, and not even Russia, but rather how cowed and gullible Americans are. I suppose not just Americans – we’re just a target because controlling our elections yields enormous influence. Humans aren’t really good material for democracy.

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