Facebook exposed 126 million to pro-Trump Russian propaganda from servers inside Russia


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/10/30/facebook-knew.html


Fake news /s
Is there anything else one could expect from Facebook though? I hope they got paid well for it.


Facebook: 126 million Americans may have seen Russian pro-Trump propaganda

The Zuck couldn’t be prouder, and the extra coin ain’t too shabby either.


Hey, these ads were legitimately interested in promoting the interests of Western liberal democracy, as much as the inevitable comments in this thread downplaying their role in the election will be; sadly, some of those comments will not be coming from bots or spam farms in Russia.


That Total Recall animation adaptation is just too good…thanks to whomever created that gem! :slight_smile:


But there’s NOOOO WAAAAY it swayed the outcome of the election. Despite the fact that it was won by like 80,000 votes.





Ideally we shouldn’t have a country where 30-50% of people thought Trump was a good choice.


The real story here isn’t that FB ran questionable ads for money - that’s their business model - but that a hostile foreign power wanted and supported Trump.


see, this is why everyone should have ad block.


Yep, that would be nice alright.




So here is the question - how to avoid this next time? How does one discern foreign propaganda from domestic? Is bullshit ok as long as it is domestic? If so, how do we tell if it is domestic?

What about domestic propaganda? Lets be honest, while Russia stoked the flames they didn’t start the fire. Even the official stuff is still propaganda. Include the third party stuff and you still get lots of BS. Like today I had to refute a meme posted by an MD that if churches paid taxes the rest of us would only need to pay 3% in taxes (LOL, no, not even close).


They could show us this “propaganda” so we know what it looks like. Have you seen any of it?


I don’t even have a Facebook account. Is that why I voted for Clinton?


Here’s a bit of editing

Ideally we shouldn’t have Trump.

There by god, how’s that? Much better with just a few words gone, I think. No need to thank me, It was truly my pleasure


You’re the kind of editor that I usually end up firing.

But seriously, who wants their opinions edited? If you have something to say you can say it without injecting your thoughts into the middle of mine.


We don’t know how many thought he was a GOOD choice vs better than Hillary. Or Better than any Democrat. The tribalism is deep.

We won’t have a chance for real change if we don’t abandon first past the post voting.


Burning your ballot is a valid option too.