Find places to top off your water bottle with the Tap App

according to the maine department of labor, nestle (listed as perrier-poland spring group) ranks at no 42 with fewer than 1000 employees, placing them in the same league as new balance and marden’s. that’s part of the problem, though, because a lot of these companies get support from the perception of people who think they’ll provide a ton of jobs, when the reality is that they hire relatively few people in the long-term and contribute very little back to the communities they exploit. though you’d be hard pressed to find a significant environmental group or cause in the state that hasn’t accepted donations of poland spring bottled water as an empty gesture of goodwill.

recommended reading: Bottlemania: Big Business, Local Springs, and the Battle over America’s Drinking Water


Shouldn’t it have a little dousing rod graphic interface?


You are absolutely right, Jonboy. I didn’t even think about Mardens, Hannaford, Shaw’s and wal-mart to name a few. I just instinctively think of the largest employers to be manufactured related in some way, foolish on my part, especially in this state in 2019.

Just downloaded and noticed there is a huge void in the GGNRA - our largest and highly visited National Park in the SF Bay Area. The NPS needs to get rolling on this!

Unethical life hack: this can also be used as a list of places to poop. Any accusations I have pooped in a fountain are entirely unfounded however - I’m just noting this application could aid someone who poops in water fountains, which I absolutely do not do. Capiche?

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