Meet Martin Riese, water sommelier

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IMHO - most bottled water is a scam for the sheep.

I have to agree with him about spring water, something not filtered and processed, having a unique taste because of the mineral content and appreciating that for it’s uniqueness. I am just not wealthy enough to spend extra money on it.


I guess I’ve more or less understood this for years as I’ve understood the difference between well water and municipal tap water. But I wasn’t aware that individual spring waters could have that much of a difference and that there was a profession associated with evaluating that difference.

The thing that’s I’m mad about is that this is reminding me that a few months ago I bought three water filters for my fridge, I can’t find them, and a new one at Home Despot is about $45

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I need this video to become popular enough that somebody makes a parody of it. It would be so easy, too. “This water here, Tųbkksak, is from Mars. The TDS? Eleventeen zillion. There are minerals in it that don’t even exist on Earth. So many minerals that it actually makes you thirstier.”


Penn & Teller invented the concept for their show “Bullshit!”


Germany has been into bottled water ever since 19th century health fads, so the perception is completely different here, but while usually spring water is more expensive than bottled tap water, it is still cheaper than soda. There is even store brand unprocessed spring water.

As with so many things, returns are dimishing everyone has to draw a line somewhere where it’s no longer worth it, but different springs certainly can taste very different.


What manner of self-hating German Aquaphile doesn’t have a bottle of Gerolsteiner in seine lineup?

Also, I prefer eating raw fresh oysters not completely cold because I prefer to taste more flavours of the water from whence they came.


I started dating my scientist girlfriend just over a year ago, about the time Boing Boing posted this:

So on one of my first tours of her lab, I just HAD to try the ultra-pure water. And… it tasted like water.


Oh…so this was serious. There’s definitely tap water that I like and don’t like, but I refuse to pay money for water shipped half-way across the world.

This clip kind of reminds me of the water smugglers (funnier if you live in Canada).

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[quote=“tristis, post:5, topic:65515”]I need this video to become popular enough that somebody makes a parody of it.
[/quote]I came here before watching to find out whether it was already a parody. I guess not. Oh dear.


Well, there’s one guy anyway.

I should start bottling the well water from my mom’s place in WI – still my favorite water. Ah those poor devils down the hill where the soil is all clay and where they have some of the hardest (sometimes smelliest) well water I have tried.

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We belong to a culture that feels the need to manufacture a plastic bottle every time we get thirsty.

I wish I could attribute that quote. I think I saw it in a video on here. It changed my thinking quite a bit.


Water from different places does taste different. While trekking in the southernmost of the Western Ghats, we drank the water from the Tambarabarani river’s headwaters (the locals basically drink nothing but). It lives up to its name - “Copper River”…

I wish people put as much effort into keeping the water rights of the world from being privatized. OH WELL.

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A: “Here, drink this stuff! It was bottled in Fiji!
B: “But I read that less than half of people in Fiji even have access to clean drinking water. Why spend all that time, energy and resources bottling what water they have just to ship it halfway around the planet to a country that already has an abundance of it at every tap?”
A: “What are you, some kinda commie?”

Fiji Water®: For the discriminating hydrator who isn't some kinda commie.™


I grew up without drinking a drop of cola or any soda, I only had coke with my drinks when I started drinking at age 22, so I think I can attest there is some truth to this. Most bottled water has distinctly different flavours, and I find some quite unpalatable.

In my country in Europe we have a long tradition of buying bottled mineral water. We have lots of springs here and many of them have very distinct taste. Vast majority of them are naturally carbonated. So I grew up drinking lots of “brands” of mineral water and every single of them was different. You did not need to be trained sommelier to identify the most popular brands.

The first time I traveled abroad I purchased “mineral water” in a bottle I thought I have been scammed and sold ordinary tap water. Well, it turned out it really was genuine mineral water - it just tasted almost identical to a tap water. Looks like the wast majority of bottled water over the world has no distinct taste, or you need to be sommelier to be able to distinguish it. Here, some waters just hit you with a distinct smell of sulfur [we call it a “bad egg” smell] and if you fill your bottle directly from a spring it will turn red overnight from the iron content.


It depends on the quality of your local tap water. Oxford tap water tastes foul, while Geneva water tastes exactly like Evian. Carlisle water is mostly fine, except in summer when it tastes of chlorine.