Not only does the tap water in Austin smell horrible, but it's probably non-kosher too

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“Rotting mussels” and “safe drinking water” kinda clash, if you ask me.


It really is bad frequently. I have to filter water for my cat and he drinks rainwater off the porch if I don’t get rid of it first. I swear to god they’re trying to poison us through infrastructure neglect. Remember for Austinites this comes just a while after a week long “boil-water” order due to floods, so what they’re calling “safe” is definitely suspect. I filter and boil my water but that only goes so far. During the last water shortage it was truly a libertarian utopia. People who could bought up ALL the bottled water, not just for themselves either. They were selling it roadside at massively inflated rates. If the water ever becomes truly unsafe even with home treatment we’re completely fucked. And… I believe it will at some point. After all, some people really want that for the same reasons those assholes bought up all the water to mark it up on the streets. And some of those people are our legislators.


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